Dukhan Beach

Dukhan Beach is situated in the west coast part of Dukhan City, an industrial city in western Qatar. From the capital city, Doha, Dukhan is a 90 kilometer drive to the west coast of the peninsula. It is about an hour journey from the central Doha. Dukhan City is home of strange limestone formations, Qatar’s highest peak (321 feet), and the largest gas field in the world. Dukhan is the center of Qatar’s onshore oil industry. The city is administrated by Qatar’s state oil agency Qatar Petroleum and holds an important place in Qatar’s oil industry. All the industrial operations inside Dukhan are administrated by Dukhan Operations department located inside the Dukhan Operations Management Building. Any person willing to visit or work in Dukhan requires a special permit from Qatar Petroleum in the form of a gate pass. Qatar Petroleum is a state owned petroleum company in the country.

Dukhan City is located in the Municipality of Al Jumaliyah. It is merely a compound for workers, mostly of the oil industry. Most are workers for oil explorations, plant operations, shut-downs and construction of infrastructure. The city showcases remote beaches, strange limestone formation and small hills. But, there is exceptionally very few people. The city features a compound with a few thousand residents. Non-residents are not allowed to enter without a gate pass. Since there is a small population in the city, it has not developed a hugely vibrant social life. There is a golf club, complete with 20 hole golf course. Yet it is not the standard golf club as its course is only made from oil and sand, and players bring their own plastic grass matt around with them. Uniquely, some of the holes are located outside the compound. For this reason, special gates have been installed so players can exit the compound to continue their game. Dukhan City also has a recreation center, a cinema, several restaurants, and shops.

Dukhan is connected to Doha through Qatar’s only four-lane motorway. To get to Dukhan, its a drive out of Doha on the Al Rayyan road, straight on to Shahhinaya. Taking the second exit, just follow the road as it twists to the right, then, just keep on straight until Dukhan.

Dukhan beach resort is a popular sandy beach to the north with shallow water. The beach is for free for the public to utilize. Although is open and free for the public, the beach is maintained clean. The water is not too deep so kids of all ages can play here. The shoreline also gives the best spot to watch fish and crabs. Also available in the shoreline are nipa huts and cottages equipped with tables and chairs. Unlike any other free beaches in Qatar, in Dukhan Beach, there is the convenience of a picnic roof to shield tourists from the beach sun should they decide to take a break from swimming. The beach is famous in the country for not only for a picnic spot but also for surfing and swimming.